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A prospective study of in-office diagnostic vitreous sampling in patients with vitreoretinal pathology



To evaluate the safety and efficacy of in-office vitreous sampling (50-100 microL).


A prospective, consecutive case series of 578 diagnostic vitreous sample attempts performed between February 23, 2007 and September 31, 2008. A standardized technique of vitreous sampling followed by intravitreal injection of therapeutic medication was performed. All subjects were followed for adverse events after sampling/injection.


Out of a total of 578 vitreous sampling attempts, a total of 550 positive diagnostic vitreous samples were collected from 157 eyes of 144 patients. There were a total of 28 “dry” samples in 19 subjects (13 females and 6 males). The rate of dry sample was 4.8% (28 of 578). Complications included transient vitreous hemorrhage (n = 3), transient intraocular inflammation (n = 3), localized, chronic retinal detachment (n = 1). None of the complications resulted in permanent visual sequelae. These complications were no different than those expected from intravitreal injection alone.


This prospective study has shown that in-office vitreous sampling of 50 microL to 100 microL is a safe and reproducible procedure. Larger randomized studies will be helpful to further assess the safety and long-term effects of in-office diagnostic vitreous sampling.

Read more about this research – http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19373124

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