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Changing the way that people see the world.

A Leading Innovator in Improving, Preserving, and Reversing Sight Threatening Disorders.

The National Retina Institute has emerged as a major influence in the education and advancement of retinal care in the nation and the world.

  • Cutting-Edge Laser Technology
  • Renowned Clinical Trials
  • Advanced Medication
  • National Institute of Health Sponsored Research

  • Non-Invasive Floater Vaporization
  • Computer-Guided Navigated Laser System
  • Non-Destructive Laser System
  • Ocular Proteomics

Patient Testimonial

I have been under the care of NRI for over 10 years. They have always employed leading edge technology and procedures in my treatment. The quality of professionalism is unsurpassed thanks to the influence and leadership of Dr Bert Glaser. The most important aspect for me is confidence and trust. (Falls Church, Virginia)

Referring Doctor Testimonial

I have been referring patients to NRI for the past 10 years. The staff is always friendly and helpful. The retina specialists are very experienced and are great about sharing their expertise and communicating in the co-management of our patients. I have trusted many patients, friends, and family members to their care. (Optometrist in Bethesda, Maryland)

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Retinal Disorders

NRI is responsible for important breakthroughs in the treatment of retinal disorders. Yet, it realizes that with diseases so devastating to the quality of life of so many people, there are many breakthroughs still to be discovered. That is the NRI mission.