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"Dr. Bert Glaser and his scientific team was recently awarded $1.2 Million dollars from the National Eye Institute (NEI) for Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) research"                                                                                                              "NRI opened a NEW office in Reston, Virginia in March 2013"

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  • ASRS Video Interview: Bert M. Glaser, MD, Discusses How Vitreous Proteomics Reveals a Biomarker Panel Predicting Wet-AMD Patients' Response to Treat-and-Extend Therapy

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    During the ASRS 31st Annual Meeting, Bert M. Glaser, MD, presented a study investigating the use of vitreous proteomics to detect proteins that can predict whether a wet-AMD patient will respond to treat-and-extend therapy.

    The study revealed that PDGFRβ Y751 and VEGFR2 Y951 are significantly elevated in the vitreous of patients with worsening visual acuity (VA) during treat-and-extend therapy compared with patients who had stable VA during treat-and-extend (P = .0270 and P = .0256, respectively).

    In patients with stable visual acuity who were retreated based on OCT, vitreous levels of PDGFRβ Y716 (P < .0001), MMP-9 (P < .0001), eNOS S1177 (P < .0001), and TIMP2 (P = .0009) were significantly elevated after the treat-and-extend period.

    Screening the vitreous of wet-AMD patients undergoing anti-VEGF therapy may help physicians guide their treatment course. Study results show that evaluating a panel of PDGFRβ Y751 and VEGFR2 Y951 can predict whether a patient will respond well to treat-and-extend therapy.

    Dr. Glaser spoke with Kevin J. Blinder, MD, following his presentation.

  • NRI will welcome in July, 2013, its two new Vitreo-retinal Post Doctoral Fellows, Drs. Angela Bosjolie and Yi Zhang.

  • In May 2013, in collaboration with Ocular Proteomics, LLC, Dr. Glaser and Dr. Igbre will be presenting new research findings at four different sessions at the ARVO annual meeting in Seattle, Washington. Topics include: Biomarker findings in Diabetic Retinopathy, Vitreous Sampling Technology, and AMD Biochemistry.

  • Bert M. Glaser, M.D., spoke at the Macula Society meeting on February 28, 2013, in Monarch Beach, CA, on "The Composition of the Vitreous proteome in Patients with Wet AMD can Differentiate Between CNV and RAP: An Important New Diagnostic Tool".

  • Dr. Glaser is senior author on the research article titled “Sequential in-office vitreous aspirates demonstrate vitreous matrix metalloproteinase 9 levels correlate with the amount of subretinal fluid in eyes with wet age-related macular degeneration” Published in Molecular Vision June 20, 2012.

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