NRI Research

Ocular Proteomics 

NRI has been conducting the Vitreous Proteomics study for over 5 years. The goal of this study is to learn about protein components of the eye and to understand which proteins are associated with each retinal disorder.

NAVILAS Laser Use in Retinal Tissue 

Navilas laser is a cutting edge technology, which allows for precise placement of laser sport to retinal tissue. During treatment, the computer system will constantly track patient’s eye movement to direct laser spots more precisely than manual delivery.

MicroPulse in Age-related Macular Degeneration 

The goal of this study is to evaluate beneficial effects of micropulse laser in treatment of wet macular degeneration. Potential benefits for the patients include less number of injections, faster recovery and better vision.

MicroPulse in Retinal Disease 

NRI is on the cutting edge conducting studies evaluating the role of micropulse laser in the treatment of a variety of retinal disorders. Micropulse laser is a gentle laser that does not burn the retina. Instead, it will stimulate the retina to produce beneficial proteins. These proteins in turn will make retina healthier. Numerous studies have shown micropulse laser to be effective for the treatment of a variety of retinal conditions.


Further Research at NRI:

Vitreous Proteomics of Patients with Wet AMD and of Patients with Diabetic Retinopathy 

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